Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 13

Today is Day 13 after the first infusion and so far I think we're feeling PRET-TY doggone lucky! Harv's most troublesome side-effects are a few small mouth sores, some stomach cramping and fatigue.  (Oh yeah, and interrupted sleep. I have that side-effect, too.) Interestingly enough, he still has ALL of his hair! Over the past couple of days he's seemed like he's had more "energy." He hasn't had a real nap for two days. That's sayin' somethin'!

We've heard different things about what to anticipate (side-effect wise) for future treatments. Some say it's cumulative and he will slowly begin to feel worse. Other people have said that the first couple of treatments were the worst. I'm hoping he fits into the second category or even his OWN category of never really feeling BAD.

The girls were out of school for a whole week -- mostly, due to snow and ice. So we've had LOTS of togetherness! We are all happy that they were able to return to school today. ( do I get Harv, Celeste, Raney and Reba out for a little bit?)

This week, since he's so energetic we've kind of crammed in the appointments and activities: follow-up appointment with estate planner, orchestra concert, family counseling and our first DATE of the new year. We're going to a piano concert on Thursday evening. 

Next infusion is Tuesday, January 31st. Rumor has it that the weather would like to snow again around that time. Hoping it waits until we get back home that evening.

Our freezer is full of food. Our hearts are full of gratitude.

Love y'all!


Unknown said...

The concert and date nights sound wonderful. Thinking of you guys!

Roger Collin said...

Thinking about you Harv. I'm singing at church tonight.... all for you tonight.

Hair is over-rated. Mine's pretty thin...... fight on.

Roger Collin