Wednesday, January 11, 2012


One of the chemo drugs that Harv has to take has a potential side effect of a hand-foot skin reaction... Those skin reactions could show themselves in any number of ways.
The nurse recommended that when he takes that med (twice a day) that we rub his hands and feet with a lanolin-rich cream as one of the ways to keep the symptoms at bay.

So, we have started an evening ritual (He's on his own in the daytime!)... Sarah and Hannah give him a foot massage and Celeste rubs his hands. Two of his very favorite things!!

There ARE perks to this situation...

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Alan Bates said...

Hey Harv. I talked to Dr Deb and she said a vigorous shoulder and neck massage can help release cancer-fighting endorphins! And I heard sitting comfortably with something cold in one hand, and something electronic (like a remote) in the other hand can set up a beneficial flow of healing ions....crazy but worth a try...we're all pulling for you!