Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Amazingness of Hope

Waiting is hard. Not knowing is hard. Only knowing a little bit is hard.

Today we went to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and met Dr. Edward Lin. He knows.

He specializes not just in gastroenterology oncology. He specializes in COLON CANCER.

And, because of that, I believe, he is more optimistic than the doctor who pronounces that you have stage 4 cancer. And, more optimistic than the surgeon who can't operate because you have stage 4 colon cancer. Because Dr. Lin knows all about colon cancer.

He treats patients from all over the US and even patients from overseas. People come from far away to be treated by him. And, thankfully, we live just up the road.

And, while we haven't officially "signed up" with him, we are 99.9% sure we will. We have an appointment scheduled tomorrow to meet the doctor in Bellingham. It will be good to meet him and to at least have an oncology contact in Bellingham should there ever be an emergency that would prevent us from getting to Seattle.

But, Harv and I both feel that it's RIGHT to receive our care from Dr. Lin.

There was something about him -- not just his words -- that exuded HOPE. And, that sits pretty well with me. I like hope.

He said that the plan is to take the "incurable" disease and convert it into remission. And at some point, it may be determined that surgery is needed or we may just continue with a maintenance chemo. Though I can't recall his exact words, he told us that he has treated more than a few (but perhaps not thousands☺) of patients with Harvey's exact symptoms and that there are A NUMBER of them who are "10 years out or more." 

Now, doesn't that sound pretty?! TEN YEARS is prettier than [sad face] "stage 4 colon cancer/the odds aren't good."

And, so...we have a schedule to return to SCCA on Tuesday and begin this journey. 

The day will begin with blood work, chemotherapy education, a tour of the facility and then we'll top the day off with about 3 hours of chemo. (Weeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaaaw!)

Then, we will return every three weeks. And, every three months, we will have an assessment -- which will include CT scans, blood work, etc. -- to see how things are going .

It is nice to have a plan. It's nice to talk to a doctor who gives us hope. Seriously... I love HOPE.

Thank you for your prayers.
We love you.


Jennie Clayton said...

I'm so so so happy to read this. I think about you two often throughout the day. Positive thoughts going your way!

Heather said...

Yes! I know there is still much to go through, but these tears are tears of relief, thankfulness and joy. Hallelujiah!

Betsy True said...

Thanks for sharing this, Carrie! Let's hear it for hope!

Cathy Fosaaen said...

this is so exciting! I already LOVE Dr. Lin!

Ken and Sally said...

Sounds like you have found your place and also found hope....two very importsnt things.

Bsrb Rivest said...

Hey Carrie, this bolg is a wonderful avenue. I'm so proud of you. And super happy you and Harv have found one of the best doctors in the world. Yes, a plan is empowering. Love and hugs to you both. Xoxo

CJ Fisher said...

Thanks for inviting us to hope with you. We're on board. Prayerfully, CJ and Lance

Unknown said...

Fight the good fight Harv. My wife's Uncle Frank is a colon cancer survivor - close to 20 years now. And..... he's a man of great faith. Trust in the Lord... you will not tire.... serve you the Lord you will not weaken. For the Lord's own strength will uphold you.

Roger - Lytton Courthouse Road Hockey Team Alumni.

Carol Bajema said...

I'm so happy to hear about Dr. Lin the same day I heard about Harvey's cancer for the first time...and, yes, NEVER EVER give up hope!

FPC Cris said...

An answer to prayer to read your words and feel the hope of knowing that you have found this doctor! May the knowledge and wisdom of this doctor be increased ten-fold as he treats Harvey. Prayers, a doc who knows what he is doing, God on your side, and friends who love and care - may you feel a peace that passes all understanding in the midst of this storm! Sending you all a big hug <3

Unknown said...

Lance Armstrong also found the best doctor. His book,"It's Not About the Bike", is so inspiring. Some of his great quotes are at http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/1544.Lance_Armstrong

And thank you again and again, Carrie, for sharing your days with us all!
Christine Kelsey Northrop Grumman

Bruce and Georgia said...

Harvey and Family: Hope and Faith are the first ingredients to successful treatment. Know that you have multitudes thinking and praying with you and for you.

Bruce Thompson (a friend from PSI)

shelley said...

If anyone wants to help the Chute family out, Laurie Bunnell and I are coordinating care for them. You can call or email if you want to help out in any way. We plan to hire some house cleaners and make some meals, maybe even buy some Chunky Monkey if need be:) Thanks! Shelley