Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amazing Race Day One

What a day!

We started out at 6:30 this morning and spent the day surrounded by wonderful health care professionals.

Our meeting with Dr. Lin was short, but sweet. He was helpful in answering all or our questions and confirmed our belief that he's the one for us. He told us that Harv's CEA markers (What is CEA?) had increased from 544 to over 600...which means that the cancer is growing. Our prayer is that the chemo begins to decrease those numbers.

After that we had a "Chemo Teach." I was afraid there would be too much information for my brain, but it was given in a way that empowered me/us rather than "freakin' us out."  We were given hand-outs with drug names and potential side effects. But, we were also given lots of drugs and helpful hints to combat those side effects. That, too, made the battle seem more do-able.

And, then the chemo began. Harv received some IV meds to combat nausea and diarrhea before the chemo started.  Those should make him feel pretty good through tomorrow at least...and then we have OTHER drugs should those symptoms crop up. 

I should've taken a picture of the infusion rooms 'cause they're pretty interesting. They're separate rooms...with lots of privacy. And, down the hall is a snack room filled with a large variety of snacks and drinks and even frozen meals that can be prepared while hangin' out there. 

At about 3:30 or so, we were ready to head out. And, this is what we saw on our way TO and FROM infusion:

Not too bad to look at.

All in all, we feel good today. Tired, but good. We are aware that there could be some difficulties, but we're armed with the weapons we need to combat those.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes and phone calls and meals and texts and facebook messages... We feel hugged. And, we're huggin' you back!!!


RC said...

Thanks for the update. Glad things went as well as hoped on the first day. Glad, too, to hear Celeste arrived safely. See, some of our smaller prayers are already being answered.

Love to all


Heather said...

We hold each of you in our prayers and thoughts. Day one is done - thanks be to God. Hope everyone has a restful sleep. Thanks for keeping us informed, Carrie; your updates gives us peace and guide our prayers.

Tina said...

I am glad that things are starting out well. It is going to be hard but if anyone can beat this you guys can!!!!! :)

I will be praying for you ;)

let me know if there is anything I can do for you

Ken and Sally said...

It sounds like a huge day. Did the infusion room feel really crowded with everyone's spirit with you? It should have,as it seems like there is a lot of love and prayers following you. Sally

Carrie said...

It DID feel kind of tight in there. ;-)