Friday, April 17, 2009


Back in the fall, I wrote a blog entry or two about how I noticed that my girls are getting older and that it was kind of scary.

Yesterday it occurred to me that it's April already. APRIL, mind you!!! How in the world did it get to be APRIL?! It was just yesterday that we went to the middle school orientation LAST spring! My girls weren't even IN middle school a minute ago!!!

And, so, once again, I'm feeling a little scared and sad and sentimental.

I think it's possible that I'm a bit too critical of myself, but what scares me is that time is whizzing by and I'm feeling like I haven't spent enough time with my girls. I LOVE alone-time, but what if I've had too much?

Fear often leads me to pray...

I'm praying that I (and all the other mamas of the world) will learn to cherish the moments that are FLYING by...

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Zuneamama said...

good prayer, but I'll pray for your understanding and comfort. Also, love knows no fear. You have good children and will always be blessed. Just enjoy the journey with them.