Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She's Such a Baby

Just so you know, she's not eating my shoe; she's sleeping in it.

We're having LOTS of fun with Raney. She's cuddly and I'm pretty sure she's smiling when she sees us first thing in the morning. She's pretty calm, but has a bundle of energy, too.

I'm realizing that training can't come soon enough. While she HAS learned to ring the bell to go outside, she's not up to standards for walking on a leash. She is also easily distracted by sticks and moss and dirt. It's hard to help her use up energy when all she wants to do is eat sticks.

Today she's had a difficult time taking a nap. Partly, I believe, because she hears action around her while she's resting and it's hard not to want to be a part of that. What I've been doing is letting her fall asleep with me and then putting her in her crate... which worked fine yesterday, but not so well today.

She's in there now and I hope she'll fall asleep so I can go to the grocery store. :-O

I definitely have a baby in the house.

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