Saturday, March 7, 2009

She Has Arrived and Stolen Our Hearts

Yesterday at 10:00 we arrived at Raney's former owner's house to pick her up. We had an emotional ride home, but she did great. She had never been in a car, of course, and there were lots of strange sounds and sights to take in.

After a quick stop outside for a bathroom break, we let her explore the house a little bit. It was scary for a little puppy to come to a new place, but she handled it well.

She took a long nap, ate, had a bathroom break and was ready to play with and love the girls when they got home from school.

Then... another nap. :-)

She sat with us while we watched a movie and then, in true Chute fashion, we all retired sort of early.

We all camped out in the living room -- Raney in her crate and the rest of us either on the sofa or in a sleeping bag. Harv took her out twice after we went to bed and she did just what she was supposed to do. She surprised me with how little she whined in her crate. Not that she DIDN'T whine -- she just settled down pretty quickly.
Then, at about 6:00 this morning, she was ready to get up and play.

After potty break and breakfast, she still had a lot of energy so she played inside and then Harv took her outside to "help" him clean up the dog run area. That was FUN!

Right now, after being up for about 3hours, she's having a little snooze. She likes to be near people so the girls have been sitting in the kitchen near her crate so she can fall asleep.

She's a love-bug! She cuddles, and kisses and wags her tail with joy when she sees us. I'm thankful my girls are having this experience and I hope that it's as good for Raney as it is for us.

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