Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My morning began at slightly before 5:00 a.m. Not bad for a 9 week old, but still early for a 46 year old.

She was happy to see me -- which is a nice way to be greeted first thing in the morning.

I took her outside and she took care of business. Both kinds.

Brought her in and played with her for a little while. Maybe not active enough, but maybe for 5:00 a.m.

At almost 6:00 a.m. I fed her. Now, in the past few days, her need to go outside after feeding her has not been immediate. There has been plenty of time to make a cup of coffee. Maybe not to drink the coffee, but surely to MAKE it.

Now, either she rang the bell while I was frothing my milk or this time she forgot to ring.

Next thing I know she's found the perfect spot in the family room to take care of business. I tried to stop her with my less-than-authoritarian "NO!" but I think it came out more like begging in a loud voice. She was halfway finished and it's not so easy to stop that. I think she realized, too late, that I wasn't so pleased. (Mind you, I didn't fuss, but it took me back to the days of training panties with the girls... I'd always heard not to get upset with your children when they had accidents, but that was a challenge for me. Same thing today, but I tried to remain loving in spite of what I was feeling.)

I took her outside and she wanted to eat the moss on the rocks.

The past was the past to her -- even if I was still reliving it in my head.

Hmm. Seems like a good doggie lesson for humans, huh?

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