Sunday, March 29, 2009


Have you ever had something bug you for a long time?

Something you could do something about like a branch in a tree that doesn't belong there? Or a dirty bathroom sink that just needs a moment of your time so it doesn't look like no one cares? Or dirt on your floor that would only take a minute to sweep up?

Or maybe, like me, it's something a bit more "serious" like dreams you've had or things you've wished for? Like writing a book and having it published? Or, painting a painting that you've dreamed of for a long time? Or, maybe it's the dream of getting your body back into "pre-children" condition and your legs looking like Tea Leoni's legs in "Spanglish."

I'm not sure where people find the motivation to get things done all the time. There are some people, my husband and my sister included, who can't seem to dream fast enough. There's always some new idea or goal or interest that keeps them busy and learning.

Meanwhile, I continue to dream and do nothing about it. And, I have the nerve to get upset because he won't sit still with me.

Hmmm. Sounds unreasonable, if you ask me.

But where do I find this drive that I see in others? How do I break free from this prison of dreams with no wings? When do I begin to fly without fear?

Sometimes, I think I think too much.

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SL said...

You just articulately described exactly why I love you and why you are so easy for me to connect with. I am right here....dreaming and sitting right along with you!