Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Before I married, I never made New Year’s Resolutions because I wasn’t confident in my ability to make them happen. Harvey actually likes them so when we got married, I joined in the “fun.”

Some of my goals have made people roar with laughter. One year, my goal was to read five (yes, FIVE) books. When my girls were babies, reading anything was a challenge; finishing a book was a distant dream. I accomplished that goal, though!

One year my goals were house oriented: paint a room, remove some wallpaper, sew some curtains, paint a painting. I’m pretty sure I accomplished those goals, too.

Many years my goals are Harvey oriented: clean the gutters, build some shelves, make a screen door, clean his office. Still working on some of those. :-)

My goals this year are few: make a quilt, paint a painting, revise & submit my picture book, and walk often. Those seem do-able.

Here’s to a year of making things happen!

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Spook said...

Here's how I plan to LIVE LARGE in 2009: Be appropriate, use sunscreen every day, seek God's presence, live intentionally, be gracious and generous (especially at home), consistently nurture relationships, be outside more, read more poetry, learn to play the mandolin, and choose quantity over quality.