Monday, November 3, 2008

My babies are growing up. I've known that for quite some time, but it's continuing to hit me in different ways, at different times.

This past Friday was Halloween. They dressed up like bags of jelly beans and went trick-or-treating. On Saturday, they went to a sleepover. Next Sunday, they're going to another sleepover. Next Tuesday they're going to Canada for the day -- without me. The next Friday they have another sleepover and who knows what else is coming?!

Slowly, without noticing it, almost totally unaware, we're beginning to spend a little less time with each other.

And then one day, they'll be heading off to college...

However, they're not gone yet... They're still my little, baby girls. They still kiss me good-bye when I drop them off at school. They still act excited to see me even when they're with their friends.

I suppose the lesson is to remember to cherish each day I have with my little bags of jelly beans.

The days are speeding past me.

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