Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It wasn't just the food...

I've been thinking about what I posted yesterday.

My mother did show great love through the foods she prepared. But for our family, meal times weren’t just utilitarian; they were experiences. Mama spent a lot of time making sure all of those experiences, from breakfast to supper, were enjoyable.

Our table wasn’t a host to packages and containers. Food was served in a dish or on a plate. Floral arrangements (her own) were always a part of the table when company came. And, whether there was company or not, the table needed to look good; which included tablecloth or placemats, napkins and all the silverware for everyone. If a drink with ice was served, there was a coaster. If a hot beverage was served, there was a saucer.

There wasn’t much that was casual about Mama’s table, but it wasn’t stifled.

There was all kinds of love served at that table.

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