Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hey! Play-dough!

Every Tuesday night for the past two years our family has met with three other families for Bible study or book discussion and fellowship. We had our first gathering of the year tonight…

For the children, I decided to have a night called “Pretend you’re in kindergarten again.”

Take a moment and try to remember the things you had in your kindergarten classroom… That’s what I tried to make my family room look like. Books, toys, art supplies – arranged like “centers” around the room. The first thing they saw when they came in the room was a sign that welcomed them to “Pretend you’re in Kindergarten Night.”

They smiled and walked downstairs.

Each of them immediately gravitated to the things they enjoyed as kindergarteners (and maybe, still do). Some played with Lego, some created things with play-dough, some colored (pretending to be as inexperienced as a 5-year-old -- just scribble, scrabble), some carried baby-dolls. Everybody got into the spirit of the night and even settled down after a while to watch "The Arthur Music Video"…

As a parent it was fun to watch, but it also gave me something to think about...

Seems like it’d be good for us all to pretend we’re in kindergarten again – every-once-in-a-while, anyway.

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