Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Writer's Block

WB showed up at my house today. He showed up first thing this morning. He left me alone while I was drinking my coffee, but as soon as I turned on the computer, he changed the screen from WORD to my e-mail account. I was unable to switch the screen for at least 20 minutes. Finally, after trying unsuccessfully for so long, the screen went back to WORD.
I thought WB had left the area and I was able to utilize WORD for about five minutes.
Unable to control it, the screen then switched to Epicurious.com and it appeared WB was planning tonight's dinner. The planning took quite some time while WB searched for the perfect dinner using cilantro.
In a moment of luck, I was able to switch back to WORD without interference from WB and successfully wrote a few words in the next ten minutes. WB whispered in my ear, though, that those words weren't any good and I should start over.
Just when I had erased those words, WB opened CNN.com to catch up on the latest news. He searched through the latest stories, the entertainment news, and landed in the travel section, where he lingered for about 15 minutes. I heard the printer printing and noticed various travel articles in the output tray.
At that point, I stepped away from the computer since it was lunch time. I don't know what WB did for the next 30 minutes, but I ate my lunch.
After lunch, WB had taken my chair and I couldn't even sit at the computer anymore. I asked him kindly to move, but there was no response. I asked again and still -- no response.
So I gave up and decided to go weed the garden.

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