Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sunshine, Flowers and Friends

This morning I noticed that in the woods behind our house there were THREE raccoons (not the usual "just one"). The cat was nervous and excitement mounted as we watched from inside. (I'm a "chicken" around raccoons, but I know they're not so nice. They only look cute.) They tolerated us as we stared and then made their way to the front of the house where they climbed our TALL trees and decided to go to sleep for the day. I think they're still asleep right now.
In the meantime, my friend came over and we planted lots of flowers in my window boxes and in various pots I had from previous years. I felt really proud that I didn't buy new dirt or pots. I just used what I had. And, for another planter, I even painted a wicker basket (with paint I already had) that had been severely weathered over the last year. It feels so good when you make do with what you have.

It's also good to know that when your heart aches, that a little sun, some flowers and a friend or two can make you feel a whole lot better.


Zuneamama said...

yeh, I know

Carrie said...

I appreciate your comments... You make me feel like I have to continue writing and that's a good thing.
Hope you have a good week!
Love, me